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This is unity trade investment company (UTIC).

Unity trade investment company (Utic) trades with your investment capital on the crypto currency to acquire weekly return of investment (ROI). We trade on forex trading and crypto investment trading, and is traded for a minimum of 1week and give out your return of investment (ROI) or continue for 4weeks or 8weeks. The company gains 13% from the total trading profits...

Utic is an investment company that offers (12-30)% weekly earnings with a minimum amount of $200 and maximum of $200,000, the trading company also offers 10% referral bonus to all investors with Utic .. Utic trades on cryptos, stocks, altcoin e.t.c..

Forex trading plans in Utic are as follow -:
Basic plan $200 - $1,999 (12% roi weekly)
Average plan $2000 - $29,000 (17% roi weekly)
Diamond plan $30,000 - $99,999 (25% roi weekly )
Maestro plan $100,000 - $200,000 (30% roi weekly)

Crypto investment trading (C.I.Tp) -:
These are the phases in this investing tradings below..
Emerald phase - (1btc - 9.999btc) 15% ROI every 10days
Ruby phase - (10btc - 29.999btc) 25% ROI every 20days
Sapphire phase - 30btc - 50btc) 40% ROI every 30days

Deposit are made from Monday to Saturday, while payout are made on Sunday’s .. All deposit should be made in bitcoin or etherum thus as follows

Bitcoin address for deposit : 1wjRidTKJokyghgFyFwYBFivh1ijDjnEL
Etherum address for deposit : 0xA6F97ab081Be976f57702984EF2887b28e40373D

A compulsory confirmation mail should be sent to the company email address below after each deposit made..


Basic plan

$200 - $1,999

(12% roi weekly)


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Average plan

$2000 - $29,000

(17% roi weekly)


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Diamond plan

$30,000 - $99,999

(25% roi weekly )


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Maestro plan

$100,000 - $200,000

(30% roi weekly)


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Three steps to how it works

Firstly, Register with full details to get your dashboard online with UTIC. You have to sign up to the company platform using the quick access to registration form. You can get into your dashboard online easily and self access to it within few minutes.

Secondly, Choose your trading investment mode and deposit funds. All you do after signing up is to deposit funds using the company details as provided

Thirdly, Withdraw your fund after been traded weekly. Then relax and watch your weekly ROI grow every Sunday been payout..


Emerald phase

1btc - 9.999btc

(15% ROI every 10days)


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Ruby phase

10btc - 29.999btc

(25% ROI every 20days)


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Sapphire phase

30btc - 50btc

(40% ROI every 30days)


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Automated return system (A.R.S) is also available only for the crypto investment trading phases (C.I.Tp)


This occurs every first friday of the is the plan and their ROI Pearl level - ($1500 - $150,000) earn (35-40)% monthly